Northside Veterinary Clinic

18 Racetrack Road, N.E.
Ft. Walton Bch, FL 32547


Our Caring Staff


Lisa has been working at Northside Veterinary Clinic since March 2004. She and her husband, Bobby, have two dogs, Buddy and Coco, as well as two cats- Beau Beau and Puff. They enjoy boating, gardening, watching movies, and walks with their dogs. 


Kendra started as a Veterinary Technician with Northside Veterinary Clinic in November 2013 after her completion of the Veterinary Technician Assistant Certification at Animal Behavioral College. She loves Shiba Inu and has one named Willow. She loves spending her weekends at the gun range and the beach.


Stefanie began working at Northside in May 2015 and is currently pursuing her veterinary technician certification. She has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology from the University of Florida. Following her graduation, she did research with puppies and tortoises at the university until her transition into veterinary medicine last year. She has 2 dogs named Commander Kaynine and Oscar Guiness, as well 2 cats, a Siamese named Beamer and a three legged shorthair name Mr. Meowgi.



 Sarah began working at Northside in February 2016.  Before coming to us, she's worked in the veterinary field as a technician for 5 years.  Some of her passions include showing Hunter/Jumper for 16 years and showing ducks for 2 years.  She and her husband Nick and 2 kids have 2 dogs, a beagle/poodle named Hershey and a husky named Arya.  They also have 8 water turtles, 3 uromastyx lizards and shrimp. 


Jess started working at Northside in March 2016.  She and her husband Aaron have 2 sons, Brayden and Callen, and a black lab named Coal as well as an orange tabby cat named Cheeto.


Ashlyn joined the Northside team in June of 2016.  She and her husband Kris recently moved back to the area.  They have 2 rottweiler puppies, Archer and Lana as well as 3 cats, 2 domestic shorthairs named Petey and Parker and Sphynx kitten named Winky.



Rachel joined Northside in July 2016.  She has a BS in Zoology and a Masters degree in Environmental Sciences.  She has been a vet tech for 4 years.  Her and her boyfriend, Jim, have 2 kitties, a munchkin named Mr. Munch and a silver tabby named Mia and a golden retriever named Max.


Priscilla joined Northside in June 2016.  She and her husband have a german shepherd Thor and a cat named Dexter. 


Maggie is our office security, making sure the staff keep their noses clean and diligently protecting us from those that stop by, like the repair guys.  She's 8 years old and loves a good treat for being a good girl.  When she isn't on duty, she's taking a well deserved nap and passing lots of gas!

Mr. Leon

Mr. Leon is our resident clinic kitty and loves greeting our clients and keeping their pets company while they are in the lobby.  He's 16 years old and has been our greeter for 5 years now and doing such a great job of it.  His favorite past times are sitting and sunbathe in his window, snuggles with Lisa and getting brushed.  He enjoys everyone's company and loves being the center of attention!


Haylee has been at Northside since 2013.  She has a husky named Kira, a dachshund named Skittles and a kitty named Lokai.